Platos Típicos ( Typical dishes from Chiclayo)


A dish made with raw fish or sellfish that is marinated i lemon juice. It is mixed with sliced onion, hot pepper and salt. Usually it is served on a bed of lettuce and accompanied with yucca, sweet potatoes or corn on the cob. The acid in the lemon juice "cooks" the fish. It is very tasty and perfectly safe to eat.


It is a kind of local ceviche tha is prepared with dried guitar fish. The stips of dried soak in the lemon juice.

Tortilla de Raya

A very traditional local dish tha is similar to the two previous tortilla dishes, the difference is that principal fillings is strips of sea ray fish. The sea ray has been a highly esteemed marine species since pre-hispanic time in coastal Peru.

Espesado o Yemeque

A very old dish that maybe dates back to pre-hispanic times. The dish consist of a nice combination of blended ingredientes, fresh corn, squash, coriander and scallions. The slowly cooked mixture is then served over good portion of roaf beef, topped with a spoonful of seasoned oil and accompanied with white rice.


It is a traditional dish from Labayeque. It's prepared with organ meats (heart, liver, tripe) of a kid goat. The chopped meats are cooked with chopped potatoes, peas, fresh coriander and a light pepper sauce.


One of the most traditional dishes from the northern coast of Peru. Cabrito means young kid goat. Juicy chunks are stewed in a tangy herbal sauce that includes yellow squash and chicha, o fermented corn beer. The goat is served with a helathy portion of rice and beans.

Arroz con pato

It is hard to say where this dish is originated from but many northerners claim it to be from this beatiful region. The name means rice with duck but the preparation is more complex that his name implies. Duck was one of the few animals domesticated in ancient Peru, and it is still commonly raised on small farms. The bird is cup up and browned with ample coriander, fresh green peas, garlic, pepper and sometimes with dark beer. Once browned, uncooked rice is mixed into the pot and left to cook in the succulent juices. An aromatic and filling dish.

Causa Ferreñafana

A typical northern dish. It is made with a variety of american tubers potatoes and yucca. Firsta layer of seasoned smashed potatoes covers the plate. The portion of fried salted fish, covered with onion and pepper vinegar sauce is laid in the center. Finally, portions of yucca, sweet potatoe, fresh corn, olives, hard-boiled egg are arranged on the plate and a leaf of lettuce crown this mound of food.

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Chiclayo, es la ciudad capital del departamento de Lambayeque. Ubicada en la parte norte del Perú, a 13Km. del litoral y 509 Km. de la frontera con el Ecuador.

Elevada a la categoría de ciudad, el 15 de Abril de 1835, por el entonces presidente, coronel Felipe Santiago Salaverry. El cual le confiriere el título de "Ciudad Heroica" que ostenta hasta hoy, en reconocimiento al coraje de los chiclayanos.

En la actualidad Chiclayo es una de las ciudades más importantes del Perú, en ella se reúnen los ingredientes de una moderna metrópoli, el espíritu campechano de las ciudades de Provincia, así como la historia, leyenda y tradición.

Esta ciudad es llamada también la Capital de la Amistad, Ciudad Heróica y Perla del Norte del Perú.

El turismo cultural y arqueologico se convertirá en los próximos años, en el principal ingreso de la región.